The North East is remote, but it’s also the Olympus for visionaries. Take up the initiative. Enter the suit.

Jan 27- Jan 29, 2017

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The Mammoth of
Start-up events.

This fall, is an opportunity for you to rise. Start afresh a new initiative, a Business, your dream of being a self-made man? This is your Utopia. Over 21,000 attended this event last fall. Need skills to ignite the aspiring entrepreneur within you? You might just attain the enlightenment you’ve wanted after this summit. Meet globally leading Tech Heads, who were a current you and see your future self in them

Welcome to the North East.


Why this summit? Simply put, At UDGAM 2017, we give you the boost to take your dream beyond just a working prototype. What a startup needs is branding it’s product and user testing. Udgam provides audience who give quality branding and feedbacks. We want you to focus more on creation and worry less about keeping the lights on. Startups need money, connections to the reach the big league, period. We bring in the top entrepreneurs and VCs and make the bonding happen. The veterans will tell you about the road not taken, one that involves countless risks but the success far outweighs the tries. The dawn of a new Era of multi million dollar earning startups is on the rise. Sparkle a new idea, ignite the ever dreamt passion within you, sharpen your blades with the professionals but first, START UP.

A startup cant move forward without investors. And it's not even close to eat when a student want a company to invest in their startup. The wild hunt looking out for investors is a herculean Task. Unless you happened to participate in Udgam. Investors always lookout for potential startups for funding. If they believe it's the right startup, it's brings them a greater fortune at a lesser workload. An investor looks for sustainability, momentum and trust in a startup and that's what we specialise in. Udgam gives you enough insight also choose your investor with great care, after all they're the ones who expect from a startup. With investment companies from all over the country, you'll get to know what it takes for a startup production. Give them something to trust and they will trust you IN RETURN.

Breaking news! What if you were the News. The next big “Thing” everybody talked about. That's why the media is here. To showcase your startup to the rest of the world. Journalists heralding the new emerging technical and business companies, new groundbreaking products. We have enough media coverage to ensure you get your own spotlight. We offer curated information and tips on the best stories that are emerging at Udgam. Writers, editors and reporters from various Technology and business publications join us to make this event a true horizon for you. Where you can meet THE SKY.

Entrepreneurship, through just this word a student learns about how businesses operate. A student may have placements in college but may not always be satisfied with it. Many a graduate wants to start a business on their own, it maybe their dream project or their Magnum Opus. But only as a student they have extended Liberty to fail, try and succeed again. A spider’s web has exquisite strength, so is the network a student creates with the professionals in his or her field. We fuel this interaction. Entrepreneurial thinking Is a pretty massive factor in developing a graduate's vocation as a successful startup founder. Exposure to the experienced market of companies and brands gives students enough hope to succeed. Your minds can light the fire best. This dream can be fulfilled by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. If you love something, SET IT FREE.


Rishabh Dev
CEO, Mapplinks
Growth Hacking